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Single Tooth Implants – A Smart Solution to a Sneaky Problem

added on: April 17, 2023

Rice DenturesIt would be easy enough to dismiss the seriousness of just one missing tooth. After all, you have a mouth full of other teeth, and assuming those are in good condition, you might feel like the one you are missing is no big deal. 

But is that really the case? Or do you think about that tooth when you smile in front of people in public? Does it affect the way you eat? When you stop to think about the impact that a missing tooth has on your quality of life, it might prove to be a little more of an issue than you believed at first. 

A Simple Concept

Single tooth implants involve a two-step process that will leave a patient with a beautiful, strong, durable new tooth in the end. The first step in this process is the addition of a titanium post in the place where your tooth is supposed to be. That post will be implanted into the jawbone where it will live for a few months while the surrounding bone heals and leaves the post firmly planted in place. 

Once your dentist is satisfied with the status of the post, your new tooth will be installed on the end. Once in place, this artificial single tooth implant will look like your surrounding teeth, and it will also perform like a natural tooth. The whole process will play out over a period of months, but the wait will be worth it when you see the quality of the finished product. 

Let Go of Your Apprehensions

As mentioned in the introduction, you might not currently realize just how much your missing tooth is affecting your life. Once your new single tooth implant is complete, you might catch yourself hesitating to smile – only to realize a moment later that you can now smile freely without any feelings of embarrassment. Soon enough, you’ll forget all about those old reservations, and your smile will just happen naturally. 

The story is similar for eating some of the foods you may have been passing up on because of that missing tooth. If you’ve become accustomed to skipping foods you use to love, you’ll soon enough realize that those foods are now back in play, and you can trust your single artificial tooth to keep up with the rest of your natural teeth and do the work of chewing even tough foods. 

Learn More Today

Missing just a single tooth can have a profound impact on your quality of life. From difficulty eating to a lack of confidence when smiling in public, you might not realize just how much your life has been changed as a result of that one absent tooth. When you are ready to replace that tooth with a durable, functional single tooth implant, reach out to Rice Dentures for assistance. Contact us at (256) 380-4002 or fill out the form here on our site and we’ll be in touch shortly. Thank you for visiting!

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