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Missing a single tooth won’t only affect your oral health; it can also have a significant impact on your smile confidence. That’s why at Rice Dentures, Dr. Garry Rice and the team are here to offer you quality single tooth implants in the comfort of our Childersburg denture and implant office.

By selecting one of our single tooth implant options, you can regain your smile’s beauty, eat the foods you love again, and feel at peace knowing your tooth replacement options won’t fall out. Schedule a consultation to get started in the process!

What is a Single Dental Implant?

During the single dental implant procedure, we will go in to carefully add a titanium post to your jawbone in the area where the single tooth is missing. We add in this post to act as a fake “root” for an artificial tooth.

After the procedure, we will wait anywhere from 2-6 months to give your jaw an adequate amount of time to heal. Once healed, we will go in to fit your artificial tooth to the post. With a single dental implant, you can chew better (even through sticky or hard foods) and smile with confidence once more! Whether you’re from Childersburg, Sylacauga or anywhere east of Birmingham, our dental implants can restore your smile back to its natural beauty.

Rice Dentures

Rice Dentures

Benefits of a Single Dental Implant

There are multiple benefits to filling in the gap in your smile with a single dental implant. These benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Better Function – A single implant allows you to eat your favorite foods again — without issue.
  • Boosted Confidence – Dental implants give you the confidence needed to take on your day with resilience!
  • Maintained Tooth Alignment – Did you know that if you leave a missing tooth “as is” for too long, your other teeth will begin to shift? By using an implant, your other teeth will stay in place to keep your smile aligned.
Same Day Denture Repair
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